The Innovation Laboratories

The Center for Applied Research & Intellectual Property Development facilities are located on the third floor of The Barnes Center located near exit 62 of I-80.  The facilities include communal biological hoods, chemical hoods, access to a class 10 clean room with electrostatic dissipative walls.  Additional analytical instrumentation are as follow:


Differential Thermal Analyzer (DTA 7)


Description: The DTA 7 is useful for characterizing and classifying phase transitions of materials. The system consists of the Differential Thermal Analyzer (DTA 7), Thermal Analysis Controller (TAC 7/DX), and Vital Image TechnologyThe system can heat from rates of 0.1C to 100C per minute up to 1600C.


DeltaVision RT Deconvolution Fluorescent Microscope


Description: The DeltaVision RT is a deconvolution fluorescence microscope. Its NanoMotion stage is based around an Olympus IX 71 inverted microscope. The DeltaVision offers up to 1600X excitation and emission frequencies for DAPI, FITC, Texas Red, and CY5 for mathematical modeling of three dimensional live cell imaging.


Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) System


Description: A customized CVD system was developed by Clarion students to automated and control temperature ramp rates up to 1200C, while creating a batch record for continuous data logging.




Description: The Thermo Scientific Genesys 6 is a dual beam, xenon, UV-Visible spectrophotometer operates on a wavelength range of 190 to 1100 nm, and has a bandwidth of 1.8 nm. It can perform multi-wavelength analysis for up to 31 wavelengths.


HPLC System


Description: The HPLC system consists of a Waters 2487 Dual l Absorbance Detector, Waters 515 HPLC pump, and a Waters fraction collector,. The system operates from 190 to 700 nm with a bandwidth of 5 nm and can track absorbance from either one or two distinct wavelengths.


Vacuum Oven

Description: The StableTemp Vacuum Oven Model 281A, manufactured by Cole-Parmer, is a 0.67 cubic foot vacuum oven with a maximum dial-in temperature of 280 °C. It can hold 30 in. Hg vacuum with less than 0.5 in. Hg loss per day.



Description: One of the centrifuges is a Beckman Microfuge 18 Centrifuge with a maximum speed of 14,000 rpm and a maximum relative centrifugal force of 18,000 x g. Another centrifuge located at CARIPD facilities is a Beckman Coulter Allegra 6 Centrifuge with a maximum speed of 6,100 rpm and a maximum relative centrifugal force of 5,710 x g.


Polymerase Chain Reactions

Description: The GENEMate Genius is a thermal cycler used for polymerase chain reactions (PCR). It has a temperature range of 4 to 99 °C, a maximum heating rate of 2.6 °C, and a maximum cooling rate of 1.6 °C. It can hold 96 x 0.2ml micro tubes. It denatures proteins by cyclically heating cells, making the expansion of DNA possible.

Last Updated 6/12/18