Industry Testimonials

Since its conception, CARIPD has helped multiple entrepreneurs realize their dream of developing a successful product. The testimonials below are from some of our satisfied clients that have experiences success through our programming.



The Role of CARIPD

CARIPD provided room for thermal testing. We also helped to automate temperature sensing technology to identify heat leakage on windows to help develop window insulation mounting pieces.  

A word from the innovator

"I want to thank you for the funding to help get my insulated mounting piece for windows and doors up and running. Your funding helped me to finalize my patent and attend trade conferences. The trade conferences have enabled me to co-chair a committee to define load testing for the international building codes through AAMA (American Architectural Manufactures Association). It has also enabled me to make several key connections with nationwide window and door manufactures to help move my product to market.

My product insulates the mounting points of flanged windows and doors on wood framed buildings when installed in buildings using exterior insulation. Insulating these areas stops thermal bridging that causes condensation inside the wall cavity. This is a problem area with new building that is built to the 2012 and 2015 building codes. Standard building practices currently used have no insulation at these points and can also have flashing issues, both can lead to moisture issues inside the building. My product is a solution to all of these issues. We have made improvements to our product that has resulted from attending these conferences and the urging of window and door manufactures."

-John Brooks


The thermal image above shows a window on left equipped with a Brinc insulator mounting piece and a standard window on right with no insulation. The red around the window on the right is all the heat escaping due to lack of insulation. Brinc window insulator mounting pieces provide the solution to moisture build up in wall cavities and expense due to energy loss through poor insulation.   

Last Updated 6/12/18