Faculty, Staff and Interns


CARIPD has welcomed over 37 interns since its formation. As an intern for CARPID, students have exposure to contract research and development for clients as well as the opportunity to head their own projects and tailor their internship to their educational goals.

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Tiffany Kaniewski

  • MBA Student 
  • Marketing and Outreach for CARIPD
  • Collaborative partner between Small Business Development Center and CARIPD
  • t.n.kaniewski@eagle.clarion.edu
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Nate Meyer



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Brent Acorn-Lopez 

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Zach Roberts



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Cody Pyles

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Steven R. Lippold

  • Junior, Major: Physics and Mathematics, Minor in Nanotechnology, Computer Science and Honors
  • Analyzing the heat transfer of different concentrations of a Nanodiamond-Copper alloy using a multi-physics modeling program
  • s.r.lippold@eagle.clarion.edu
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Devon Confer

  • Senior. Major: Computer Science
  • Business Contracts requiring computer science/programming.
  • Quality control automation software for The International Group
  • d.s.confer@eagle.clarion.edu
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Lauren Balliet

  • Junior, Major: Physics with a concentration in Astrophysics, Minor: Mathematics and Chemistry
  • Nanodiamond- Copper alloy to analysis to better its properties for bonding and heat conduction. I will begin to write the research paper for it as well to hopefully patent
  • l.e.balliet@eagle.clarion.edu
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Collin Meyers

  • Junior, Major: Biochemistry
  • Lab Manger: Maintains lab area and equipment
  • Orders up to date equipment for center
  • Nanodiamond-Copper alloy construction analysis.
  • c.meyers@eagle.clarion.edu
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Samantha Ford

  • Senior, Major: Business Management, Minor: Marketing
  • Marketing, outreach  and PR activities
  • Seminar organization
  • website maintenance
  • s.l.ford@eagle.clarion.edu
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Joe Fallecker

  • Senior, Major: Computer Science
  • Computer Information Systems hardware and software integration 
  • jmfallecker@gmail.com
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  • Emotional support for faculty and interns
Last Updated 6/12/18