Presidential Priorities

Setting Presidential Priorities

The Presidential 500-Day Plan presents five dimensions of presidential priorities along with specific actions that will be taken to achieve desired results. Following the completion of my first 500-Day Plan in May 2012, I assessed progress in the areas of academic advancement, campus climate, civic engagement, financial stewardship, and institutional leadership and released in July 2012 a review of the extent to which the desired results were achieved.

In October 2012, I released V.2. of the plan, which guided my efforts through May 2014, and followed that release with bi-monthly status reports.  This page has a link to my summary update on the V.2. plan. 

My V.3. 500-Day Plan has been released and will be updated bi-monthly.  As always, I welcome your comments on these reports and invite you to submit them to me at

Dr. Dale-Elizabeth Pehrsson

Last Updated 9/25/18