Road Scholars Tour

The Clarion University Road Scholars Tour is a three-day traveling seminar for Clarion University faculty focusing on learning more about our region and the challenges and issues related to the identified focus area.  The focus will change each year based on priority areas within the University and will be determined by the President and Provost.  The tour will expose faculty to issues related to the economy, government and politics, business, education, health and social issues, history, geography, and more.


  • Increase our knowledge about the people and communities of the region
  • Form deeper relationships in the areas where our students and alumni come from, leading to mutual problem solving and creativity
  • Promote Clarion University as a partner in the region
  • Encourage increased interaction among faculty

Faculty selection process & Expectations

Faculty will be asked to apply to be considered for the tour.  A small selection committee will be established to review applications and ensure an appropriate mix of age, gender, disciplines, length of tenure, etc.  Faculty will have to commit to the entire tour.  Approximately 6-8 faculty members will be chosen.  An orientation will be provided a few weeks prior to the tour.

Faculty chosen to participate on the tour will be expected to attend the entire three-day event and participate in a variety of business meetings, social engagements, and community outreach activities leading to a greater awareness of our region.


The group leaves from Clarion University in a van and travels throughout the region for three days and two nights.  Hotel accommodations and meals will be provided for the group for the duration of the tour.

At each site, we will ask that the group we are visiting prepare a short presentation for our tour about the challenges facing their area.  Examples of positive initiatives, and problem areas will be explored.  After the presentation there will be time for group and individual discussion in the hope that mutually beneficial solutions and/or projects may be identified and developed further.

2016 Road Scholars Tour – Focus on Business

2016 Road Scholars Tour Outcomes

2015 Road Scholars Tour – Focus on Health Sciences

2014 Road Scholars Tour - Focus on Education

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