Blueprint Communities

Over the next several years, the Clarion Blueprint Communities core team will engage local residents and businesses in developing a clear vision and strategic plan for change in Clarion; work to develop stronger local leadership; and attract investments to build a healthier, sustainable community.  The primary goal is to revitalize Main Street, Clarion.

The Clarion Blueprint Communities Core Team is comprised of: Ms. Tracy Becker, Clarion Area Chamber of Business and Industry; Ms. Elise Deitz, Clarion Farmers' Market; Dr. Phil Frese, Clarion University; Mr. Eric Funk, Community First Bank; Ms. Dawn Kidney, community leader; Mr. James Geiger, Clarion University; Mr. Daniel Parker, Clarion Free Library; Dr. Brenda Sanders-Dede, Clarion Borough Council and Clarion University; and Mr. John Troese, local attorney. Ms. Carol Lapinto is an alternate member.

The next step for the team is to develop a draft vision for the community that takes into consideration the results of a recent community-wide survey. In May and June 2014, the perceptions of 445 individuals who work, sleep, eat, shop, study, worship, or own businesses or properties in Clarion Borough were recorded as part of the Blueprint Communities Perception Survey.

Strategic Plan

Last Updated 6/12/18