Office 2013 PowerPoint

PowerPoint 2013 – "What's New"

  • Presenter View - See your notes on your monitor while the audience only sees the slide.
  • Merge shapes - You can create new shapes in your presentation by merging more common ones.
  • Presenter Tools - New tools show for the presenter in the lower left corner of a slide in Slideshow View. Click the magnifying glass to zoom in on part of a slide. Click See all slides to show thumbnails of slices and click the thumbnail of the slide you want to jump to.
  • Eyedropper tool - Get an exact match to the colors you want by using the eyedropper tool.
  • Smart Guides - These nifty little tools appear automatically when you try to align objects, so that your alignment is accurate.
  • Comments Pane - By using the Comments Pane, you can get easy access to the comments of other users and reply to them.
  • Motion Path Improvements - When you create a motion path, PowerPoint 2013 shows you a 'ghost' display of where your object will end up.
  • Themes & Schemes - PowerPoint 2013 has had tons more themes and variations added to its design arsenal.
  • Improved video and audio support - PowerPoint 2013 now supports more multimedia formats, including
    mpeg 4 (*.mp4)
  • Widescreen Friendly - A new, 16.9 layout is now available

Reference Guides

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Last Updated 6/12/18