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Outlook 2013 – "What's New"

  • Peek at your schedule - You can grab a quick glance at your schedule, tasks or details about a contact you're emailing without navigating away from what you're busy with.
  • Respond faster to e-mail messages -
    • Respond to a message in the Preview Pane by clicking quick reply buttons.
    • Reply with an in-line response by typing in the Reading Pane.
    • Focus on the messages you want by clicking the All and Unread buttons in the Inbox.
  • Prevent forgotten attachments -
    • Before an email message is sent, Outlook 2013 can detect if an attachment was omitted from the message and notify the user.
    • Outlook 2013 reminds you about forgotten attachments. When you refer to an attachment in the body of your email and click Send without adding an attachment, and Attachment Reminder window opens.
    • AttachmentReminder
  • Find items with improved search - The Search tab appears on the Ribbon every time you perform a Search, providing instant access to various search-related options.
  • Calendar Preview - If you hover over the Calendar menu option, a snapshot of your calendar is displayed.
  • Change Navigation options - Change the number of visible items on the navigation pane at the bottom left of
    the Outlook screen. Compact navigation removes the Navigation Bar and lists the views at the bottom of the Folder Pane. Right-click and click Navigation Options.
  • Reading Pane - You can preview a message without having to open it using the Reading Pane.
    By default, the Reading Pane appears to the right of the Inbox, but you can
    move the Reading Pane to another position in the window.
  • In-Line Replies - You can respond to a message quickly by replying via the Reading Pane.


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Last Updated 6/12/18