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Cable TV (CATV) service is provided to each residence hall room or suite. This service is included in your housing fee - there is no additional charge. There is one Cable TV jack in each double room. Triple rooms and suites offer additional Cable TV jacks.

CATV Channel Lineup

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iView 3500STBII Setup Instructions

How To Connect

CATV service is distributed in an all-digital format. All TVs must have a built in QAM tuner to receive the digital signal (a QAM tuner is built into most modern TVs and allows reception of digital channels). Click here for a list of TVs that are known NOT to have the required tuner. If your television does not have the required tuner, a QAM set-top box must be used to receive the channels. Our recommended product is the iView 3500STBII. This unit has been tested and works well with our system. The cable jack is the round connector at the bottom of the jack panel in each room. Use a coaxial patch cable with the proper connections on each end to connect the TV to the cable jack. Patch cables are available at the Clarion University Book Store. Once your television is connected, power it on and make sure it is set for Cable Television (CATV) reception, not Antenna (ANT or AIR). Many televisions are configured from the factory for regular antenna signal source. An automatic channel search/scan must be run to add channels. Refer to your television's operating manual for more detailed instructions.


Television Cable

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If you cannot receive any channels, your television may not be cable-ready or is not configured to receive a CATV signal. Locate the MENU button on your remote control or television to adjust this setting. You may also need to have your television scan for the correct channel setting. Again, refer to your television operating manual for instructions.

Contact the ResNet Support Center if you need help connecting to the Cable TV service.

Last Updated 4/9/18