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Act 101 ~ Educational Opportunities Program Summer Program Reception Letter


Summer Pre-College Program
Program:  6 weeks, 6 credits

June 19- July 29, 2011  

Check-in to Residence and Evening Program Welcome Meeting:         4 p.m.-6 p.m. June 19, 2011

Objectives of the Program

  1. Students will enroll in TWO CLASSES -ENG 110, Writing I, and CMST 113, public speaking during the Pre-College Program and earn 6 general education credits.

  2. Student summer Housing will be in the Campus View Suites. Students are required to live in a program designated residence hall during the pre-college experience and first year experience.  Do not sign any off campus housing contracts.

  3. Students will have a meal plan for 19 meals in the Eagle Commons Dining Hall.

  4. Students will participate in extra-curricular activities through personal development seminars, peer mentoring, and individual and small group meetings.

  5. Students will have periodic meetings with their academic advisor, instructors and paraprofessional staff.

  6. Students will be referred to Disability Support Services, Financial Aid, and Counseling to receive additional academic support or information and guidance on non-academic issues, as needed.  At the conclusion of the Pre-college Program, staff will assess each student’s academic status through earned grades and demonstrated academic potential, and consider their continuance into the fall semester.

  7. Students will enroll in AE 100 and MATH 050 (if appropriate) during the fall semester to continue the transition process and supplement skills presented during the summer program through participation and instruction by summer staff.

  8. Students are not permitted to hold summer employment during the course of the six week period. 

  9. Students will be permitted home visits the weekend of July 4th and one other. In the event a student request to ride home with another parent or student, notification must be provided to this office in advance.  (Students are not permitted vehicles during the pre-college experience.)

  10. Please be sure that you have provided PHEAA with the correct information requested on the FAFSA form. A final review will be made to determine that all students have met the guidelines in accordance with their acceptance. In the event that any false or incorrect information was submitted which impacted our acceptance determination we do reserve the right to make the appropriate changes reflective to admittance to the program.

  11. You may want to consider opening a personal bank account here in Clarion. Local banks are PSECU Credit Union, S&T, National City, Farmers and Northwest.

Approximate Associated Costs:
There will be a cost for books, please budget approximately $150 for books.

The books for this summer: Order the books from the Clarion University bookstore.

CMST 113 sections 10241 & 10242, 40 students total, 20 each section
We will order the book [Zarefsky, David.  Public Speaking Strategies for Success] without the speech kit to save money- 2009 edition ISBN 9780205502448  -$29.75 new, $22 used

ENG 110 10233 & 10234 40 students total, 20 each section
We will order the book [Backpack Writing by Lester Faigley] SBN-13: 978-0205558308

Full payment due July 27.  A payment plan can be established by contacting Mr. David Hogue, Business Services at 814-393-2045.

Students are required to read a book prior to reception day on June 19.  The book can be any book of your choosing.  Please bring this book with you to campus. You will be asked to write an essay once class begins.
I hope that the rest of your senior year is successful and enjoyable. We look forward to embarking on this journey with you and helping you build a foundation for your success here at Clarion University.