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Criminal Justice

Venango College's criminal justice degree program provides a solid, broad-based education in all five areas that comprise criminal justice education, including policing, juvenile justice, criminology, law adjudication, and corrections.  The Associate of Science in Criminal Justice prepares students solidly to work in these field areas. This program can now be completed in a face-to-face classroom environment or completely online.

The program helps students understand criminal behavior, become familiar with important issues concerning the treatment and rehabilitation of criminals, apply the education to their jobs, and be aware of major policies and trends in criminal justice institutions and practices. It is designed to prepare students for entry-level positions within various federal, state and local agencies and for continuing their education in the field.

Students who complete the Associate of Science in Criminal Justice can pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science with a Concentration in Criminal Justice as well as a Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitative Sciences with a Court and Community Services Concentration.

The Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitative Sciences, Court and Community Services Concentration is approved by the American Bar Association and is the only such program in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, putting Clarion University at the forefront of a growing field.

If you wish to see what Criminal Justice classes are currently offered, please click on the following Schedule of Classes.


I. Liberal Education Skills

A. English Composition
B. Math Competency
C. Liberal Education Elective

II. Liberal Knowledge

Choose courses from at least two of the following 3 categories. At least 3 credits must come from category A for total of 15 credits.

A. Physical and Biological Sciences
B. Social and Behavioral Sciences
C. Arts and Humanities

III. General Education Electives 6 credits

Major Courses (21 credits)

CRJT 110: Intro to Criminal Justice
CRJT 235/SOC 236: Criminology
CRJT 245: Corrections
CRJT 255: Juvenile Justice
CRJT 260: Policing
CRJT 265: Criminal Procedure
CRJT 275: Substantive CRJ Law

Related Courses, 9 credits from the following:

CRJT 325:  Special Topics
CRJT 399:  Criminal Justice Co-op
MGMT 121: Fundamentals of Mgmt
PS 211: American Government
PSY 111: Psy  of Personal Growth
PSY 211: General Psychology
PSY 354: Abnormal Psychology
SOC 211: Principles of Sociology
SOC 351: Contemp Soc Problems
SOC 361: Sociology of Deviance