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Housing & Residence Life at Venango College in Oil City

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High Quality Living

Venango College is scenically situated on 65 acres of wooded hillside overlooking the Allegheny River in the city of Oil City. Oil City offers a congenial, small-town setting for students and boasts a variety of local restaurants, antique shops, bike trails, outdoor activities, cultural opportunities, and more.

The Clarion University Foundation, Inc. student apartment complex at Venango College includes two- and three-story buildings with two apartments on each floor. Each apartment houses four students. Students enjoy a private bedroom and a semi-private bathroom and share common kitchen, laundry facilities, and living and dining areas. Michael F. and Joyce I. Hughes Hall features a community center where students of all buildings can gather for studying or socializing.

Housing is available for all students, however those outside commuting distance to the campus are given first preference. The 2013-2014 cost for a 12-installment lease is $7,020 or $585 per installment and a 10-installment lease is $6,250 or $625 per installment. This cost includes all utilities (electric, air conditioning, heat, cable, high-speed Internet access, and local telephone).

Also included is a Clarion University Dining Services Flex Dollars Plan in the amount of $200, which can be used at the Robert W. Rhoades Center CrossRhoades Cafe and any Clarion campus dining facility.

Living Learning Communities at Venango College

Living Learning Communities (LLCs) provide students the opportunity to live in a collaborative intellectual environment with others of similar academic and career interests and goals. Students who live and attend classes together can easily form study groups and explore common career aspirations that will enhance their regular academic program and provide enriching experiences not normally found in the conventional classroom or residence hall environment. Venango College offers two LLCs conveniently located in the student apartment complex across the street from the college.

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The Medical Imaging Sciences and Allied Health Living Learning Community brings together students who share an interest in medical imaging and allied health within a supportive community that includes faculty and staff. Experiences include:

  • Opportunities to attend academically related conferences, workshops and technology demonstrations.
  • Site visits to health care facilities that provide a wide variety of medical imaging and allied health career possibilities.
  • Job shadowing and academic mentorship opportunities.
  • Meetings with current and former students to learn the best strategies for success in the clinical site application process.
  • Faculty-led study groups in the student apartment complex
  • Access to academic resources that can assist students with science-related and other course work


The Nursing Living Learning Community at Venango College provides students the opportunity to live in an engaging and supportive academic and social environment within the student apartment complex. The NLLC provides:

  • Learning resource and study resources such as reference books, nursing journals, and anatomy models to help students with coursework.
  • Faculty led in-LLC tutoring, review sessions and small group discussions.
  • Opportunities to attend field trips pertaining to nursingand health care, participation in professional seminars and interaction with accomplished nurses, many of whom have graduated from Venango College.


  • Starting Fall of 2014 students will be able to join the Nursing LLC on the Clarion Campus.

Participation in an LLC is done through a special application process that is in addition to the regular housing application process. Students who apply to and are accepted into the LLC agree to be active participants in the community and work collectively to support the goals of each individual and the community as a whole.