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LSC w/ RadakerAcademic Assistance:
The Building Blocks of Better Understanding

The Learning Support Center (LSC) at Venango College provides peer tutors and professional staff who are dedicated to helping students with study skills and subject-related questions. The LSC is comprised of highly trained peer tutors, graduate assistants, and professional staff.

At Venango College, a large percentage of the student body uses the LSC each semester. LSC staff help students develop academic skills as part of a plan designed to facilitate students' success in college. There is no cost to use the LSC.

Available Services

  • Analysis of Study Skills
  • Group Study Sessions
  • Academic Success Workshops
  • Computer Lab
  • Tutoring in Most Subjects
  • Individualized Study Sessions
  • Resource Materials for the Self-Motivated Learner
  • Study Skill Instruction in:
    • Time Management
    • Textbook Reading
    • Note-taking
    • Test-taking
    • Learning Styles
    • Math Fundamentals