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Venango College Honors Program

Students seeking advanced degrees or employment are aware of the intense competition in these arenas. The Venango College Honors Program prepares students to encounter and negotiate the competition.

The Honors program is a learning community geared toward academic achievement and scholarly pursuits offering students:

  • The opportunity to expand intellectual capacities through stimulating coursework.

  • Field experiences such as lectures, films, and cultural events

  • Hands-on involvement in community activities and projects.

  • Travel opportunities.

  • Merit-based scholarships.

  • Honors Community housing (on an as-available basis). 

Acceptance into the Venango college Honors program is based upon:

  • Admission to Clarion University

  • Essay

  • Successful interview with Honors Committee faculty

  • ONE of the following academic standards:

    • 1150 SAT score or higher (combined critical reading and math scores only);

    • ACT composite score of 25 or higher;

    • 12 credits of Clarion University coursework with a 3.4 or higher QPA (current university students); 

    • Evidence of academic or intellectual achievements such as extensive personal reading or study.

In the Honors program, you will:

  • Engage in intellectually stimulating and rewarding Honors coursework

  • Acquire a set number of participation hours in the  co-curricular program

  • Maintain a quality-point average of 3.4 or better

  • Graduate "With Honors," a designation reflected on your transcript and recognized formally at graduation upon completion of four semesters of Honors coursework.