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Safe Computing - Passwords

Passwords are the key to accessing many services.  Passwords are one of the most important,fundamental safeguards to protecting your information.  Unfortunately, passwords are also one of the top reasons for security compromises due to the selection of weak passwords or the careless disclosure of password details.

Here are some important password practices:

  • Do Not Share or Reveal Your Password with others.  Never send your password via e-mail.    Review our Protecting Your Personal Information page.  Memorize your password - do not write it down.
  • Choose Strong Passwords:  Use a mix of numbers, letters, and special characters to create strong, hard-to-crack passwords.  Do not use dictionary words, your name, or other personally identifiable information (Family names, ID or phone numbers.
  • Vary your Passwords:  Do not use the same password for your Clarion accounts and other personal accounts (facebook, google, banking, etc.).
  •  Change Your Password on a Regular Basis:  At least every 90 days.

Please see the following resources for tips and additional information on creating effective passwords: