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ResNet Responsible Use Policy


ResNet Responsible Use Policy

Clarion University provides in-room connection services in the residence halls in support of the educational mission of Clarion University. It is the responsibility of each resident to use these services appropriately and in compliance with all University, City, County, State and Federal regulations, or face possible revocation of such service.

Under that authority, ResNet administrators have the following guidelines that are incorporated under the umbrella Computer Network Use Policy of Clarion University.

  • Any modification or unauthorized repairs to phone or data wiring in the residence halls is considered destruction of University property. If you believe your outlet needs repair, contact the ResNet Support Center at x2452.
  • The ResNet Ethernet service may be extended from its wall outlet with a network cable (category 5, 5e, or 6 cable) up to 50 feet long.
  • Use of wireless access points or routers is prohibited in the Campus View and Valley View Suites. Approved wireless routers or access points are permitted in other residence halls. Visit the Wireless Routers web page for more information.
  • Residents understand that the network extended to student rooms is the property of the University and that the network administrators monitor and inspect network traffic for the purposes of assuring both proper operation of the network and fair allocation of its resources.
  • The ResNet may not be used to provide computer services or Internet access to anyone outside of the Residence Halls community for any purposes (other than those in direct support of the academic mission of the University).
  • No ResNet system or router can act as a DHCP server or potentially disrupt the operation of the network.
  • The ResNet is a shared resource. Thus network use or applications which inhibit or interfere with the use of the network by others are not permitted. Users may be asked to cease any system activity that directly or indirectly creates interference in the operation and administration of the network.
  • ResNet connections may not be used to monitor network data or devices by means of hardware or software applications.
  • ResNet connections may not be used for unauthorized attempts to circumvent data protection schemes or uncover security loopholes. This includes creating and/or running programs that are designed to identify security loopholes (typically referred to as port scanning) and/or decrypt intentionally secure data.
  • Students are reminded that they should not use their computers in a hostile manner. Any activity with the purpose of denying another user the use of the network is harassment, which is a violation of Clarion University’s Computer Network Use Policy.
  • Computers used on ResNet must be configured to acquire their IP network address automatically from our servers. Manual configuration options in some operating systems may interfere with someone else's use of the ResNet service by taking their address. Computers or operating systems that cannot acquire an IP address automatically are not compatible with the ResNet service offering and may not be used on the network.
  • Ethernet devices are provided with a unique hardware address at the time they are manufactured. This Ethernet Address is separate and distinct from the IP address discussed above. Equipment used on ResNet must use a manufacturer assigned address. Equipment that either (a) uses an address of all zeros, or (b) changes its address from day to day is either defective or infected with an abusive computer program (worm or virus). In either case, it is a violation of our rules to knowingly operate a computer that does not use manufacturer assigned addresses on our network.

This list is not exhaustive and may be modified, in writing, at any time. Resident and non-resident users must abide by these policies and all guidelines.

You are ultimately responsible for all use of the network connection in your room.

Student violations of the above policies will be handled through normal policy violation procedures established by Clarion University Student Judicial Affairs Office


Bandwidth Usage

The network for the residence halls at Clarion University is a shared resource with the primary mission of supporting teaching, education and research. Downloading or uploading large files (i.e., music, movie, and programs) uses a lot of bandwidth, this will reduce the speed of the network to others’ computers. Excessive use of bandwidth, whether caused by viruses, spy ware or file sharing, may lead to termination of network access privileges until the problem is fixed.



Using ResNet services to make copyrighted materials available on the network in a manner contrary to copyrights or license agreements is prohibited regardless of the source of the copied materials.