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Summer School Students

2009 Summer Stafford Student Loan request form

2010 Summer Financial Aid Information

Students who would like to use federal and/or state aid for summer must have made satisfactory academic progress during the academic year preceding summer, and must be degree-seeking students at Clarion University enrolled for at least six credits over the summer. Students who do not meet these requirements may want to consider a private loan.

Please advise a staff member in the Office of Financial Aid if you will be enrolled for summer and wish to use a Pell grant.

You can apply to use a PHEAA state grant for summer by filling out an application on line. However, you should be aware that students are only eligible for PHEAA grants for a maximum of four years, or 8 semesters. If you chose to use a PHEAA grant over the summer, that grant will count toward your 8-semester maximum. You must be enrolled for at least six credits during the summer sessions (any 6 credits taken over the summer during pre-session, summer I or summer II) to be eligible to use a PHEAA summer grant.

You can also apply to use a Stafford Loan over summer. You must be enrolled for at least six credits taken anytime over summer. If you elect to use a Stafford Loan for summer, you will receive one-third of the loan that you would normally be eligible for during the academic year (fall/spring) over the summer; one-third for the fall semester, and the remaining one-third for spring semester. If you would like to use part of your academic year Stafford Loan for summer, please complete a summer loan application form available after April 15th in the Office of Financial Aid.

Any student is eligible for campus employment over the summer, regardless of financial need, even incoming freshmen. Students who are not taking classes may work up to 37.5 hours per week. Openings are advertised in the Office of Financial Aid, and on Clarion University's website under Career Services.