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Name and Social Security Number Changes

The Registrar's Office processes name and social security number changes for all current and former students.  Name changes can be requested in person in Room 122 Carrier Hall or by mail to Registrar's Office, Clarion University of PA, 840 Wood Street, Clarion, PA  16214.  Current students should provide photo identification when appearing in person to change their name.  The name and social security number change form along with supporting documentation must be provided with name and/or social security number changes.

Updating your Personal Information

You can update your address, telephone number, and emergency contact on your Student Center in MyClarion.  These changes are not made by telephone. 

  • After logging in through MyClarion, click the Self Service menu item.
  • Next, click the Student Center link.
  • Click the Demographic Data link under the Personal Information section to access your address, phone number, names, email addresses, emergency contacts, and other demographic information.
  • The Demographic Information page displays, showing information such as your date of birth, ID, and social security number. 
  • After navigating to the Demographic Information page using the steps above, click the Addresses tab.
  • Click the Add a New Address button to add a new address or the Edit button next to the address you wish to change.
  • Enter or update the address information and click OK.
  • Select the address type or types for this address. If this is an address that will take effect in the future, enter that date. If the change is effective immediately, leave the default date of today.
  • Click Save.

Important: Please maintain your permanent and local information on your Personal Information throughout the school year.  All addresses must be in valid USPS format, if your address is a Post Office Box then you must enter it not your house street.  If you are unclear of the correct format then verify your address at the USPS web site before correcting it on the PIF.

Residency Policy

BOG Policy 1985-03 requires each university to determine the residential classification of all students.  Section B of the policy reads:

The universities shall, subject to the provisions of these regulations, determine the residential classification of all students.  Students who are domiciled in Pennsylvania shall be assessed the tuition fee applicable to Pennsylvania residents and all other students shall be assessed the tuition fee applicable to non-residents.

The policy defines domicile as “the place where one intends to reside permanently or indefinitely and does in fact so reside”.

A student’s residency classification is initially determined by the Admissions Office based on information provided by the student during the admissions process.  A student may appeal that initial determination to the Vice President for Finance and Administration.

The BOG policy also requires students to notify the university when their domicile changes from Pennsylvania to another state.  According to the policy, a university may reclassify a student in the event it believes he or she is no longer a Pennsylvania domiciliary.  The student may challenge such a determination under the procedures provided in this policy.  Involuntary reclassification shall be effective as of the date on which the university determines that the student has changed permanent residences and is no longer a Pennsylvania domiciliary.  Students who change domiciles between semesters or terms shall be reclassified the next semester or term of enrollment.



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