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Brand presentation is the unique visual and messaging expression of the University's brand promise and brand drivers. Brand presentation also expresses Clarion's distinguishing personality. Together these elements - visual identity, messaging, and personality - create a well-differentiated brand identity in the marketplace.

Your brand presentation should be a distinctive creative approach defined not only by the messages, but also by the voice and tone of the copy, color palette, imagery, design style, and typography. The way these elements relate to each other, coupled with consistent brand messaging, form the basis of a unique brand presentation.

Brand Personality

Brand personality defines the persona and character of Clarion University. It defines key personality traits that are expressed through the design. The University has defined the following traits as its key personality descriptors:

Achievement-oriented - Students, faculty, and staff of Clarion University get things done. They are practical, realistic, and like to have solid outcomes from their efforts.

Appreciative - Students are grateful for the opportunity to work together with educators and mentors of Clarion's quality. They are excited to get the chance to be a part of a true University community. For all Clarion's stakeholders there is a sense that they are fortunate to be working or studying at this institution.

Hardworking - Clarion's students come to the University with strong work ethics born of family histories in industry within Western PA. Faculty and staff take their commitment to each individual student very seriously and go to significant lengths to help them succeed. They regularly go above and beyond.

Helpful - Because of its small, supportive environment, Clarion University has developed a culture of helping one another to find success. Faculty and staff are supportive and committed to helping each individual to learn and grow. It is an experience where if one reaches their hand out, someone will be there to help them out.

Sincere - Students, faculty, and staff exhibit a sense of being genuine. Their interactions with each other are honest and based on common values. There is little pretense or ego.