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Venango Vision Regional Leadership Institute


A great networking program...and a great accomplishment to add to a resume!

This nine-month program is an investment in the area's greatest resource-its current leaders, emerging leaders, and future leaders. Combination fo face-to-face and online sessions focus on a diverse range of experiences designed to develop and enhance leadership abilities and skill sets.  You can gain an understanding of your own personality type and how to work effectively with others on your team to accomplish tasks, production and effective outcomes.  Other skills obtained are in  teambuilding, public speaking, positive communication skills, listening skills, grant writing, conflict management, working in a multi-generational workforce, effective meeting skills, stress management, time mastery, government, and more. 

  • Presentations from recognized leaders.

  • Task-based learning involving real-life problems and scenarios.

  • Networking with others to build a stronger workforce and community.