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Academic Requirements

Academic Requirements

ENG 111 Writing II  3
CMST 113 Fundamentals of Speech  3
ECON 211 Principles of Macroeconomics  3
HPE 111 Health Education  2
Mathematics Competency  3

The mathematic competency requirement must be met by one of the following classes: Math 110, 112, 131, 171, 222, 270, 271.  However, students planning to move on to a baccalaureate (four-year) business program should take Math 131

General Education Elective  9     Click here for list of acceptable courses.

Total  23

Business Core Requirements

The following business courses are required of all students regardless of their area of specialization.

CIS 217  Applications of Micro Computers 3
ACTG 251 Financial Accounting 3
ACTG 252 Managerial Accounting 3
BSAD 240 Legal Environment I 3
BSAD 241 Legal Environment II 3
ECON 221 Economic and Business Statistics I 3

Total 18

Area of Concentration

Every legal assistant student is required to take the following four courses:

BSAD 238 Introduction to Paralegal Studies 3
BSAD 242 Methods of Legal Research 3
BSAD 246 Civil Litigation 3
BSAD 248 Legal Writing 3
BSAD 249 Field Experience 3

Total 1 5

In addition, the legal assistant student must choose two courses of the following four courses:

BSAD 239 Family Law 3
BSAD 243 Wills, Trusts, Estates 3
BSAD 244 Administrative Law 3
BSAD 247 Real Estate Law for the Paralegal 3

Free Electives

Free Electives 6 credits

Each student should use their free electives to tailor the legal assistant degree to their individual career preference. Choices might include the law specialty courses not counted in the area of concentration, secretarial skills courses, political science, philosophy, or other general education courses of interest