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Usage of University Service Vehicles

Procedure No. 10.060
Policy on Usage of University Service Vehicles
Date Issued: 01/03/00
Date Effective: 01/03/00
Issued By: Human Resources

Purpose: To define acceptable usage of vehicles assigned to university employees for service work performed on campus property and to define record keeping requirements for employees who operate university service vehicles.


Employees in the Facilities Management and Mail and Receiving Services Departments are provided university vehicles in order to assist them in completing work assignments in a timely and efficient manner. These vehicles are provided to employees for the sole purpose of transportation to and from various campus locations to complete university business. In some instances, outlined below, employees may use the vehicles for off campus travel. When such usage occurs, employees are responsible for recording both the mileage of the off-campus trip and the purpose of the trip.

Procedure: Unless approved for off-campus travel service, vehicles should be operated within the following boundaries:

• Greenville Avenue between Becker Drive and Eighth Avenue

• Eighth Avenue between Greenville Avenue and Main Street

• Merle Road between Eighth Avenue and Ninth Avenue

• Ninth Avenue between Wood Street and Liberty Street

• Liberty Street between Ninth Avenue and Eighth Avenue

• Wood Street between Eighth Avenue and Wilson Avenue

• Wilson Avenue between Wood Street and the service entrance to the McEntire Maintenance Building

When an employee is required to use a university service vehicle outside of the boundaries noted above, the employee should advise his or her immediate supervisor of the need to do so (verbal notification via two way radio is acceptable), and obtain appropriate approval for the travel outside the boundaries.

Each university service vehicle will be equipped with a clipboard for recording mileage and for recording the purpose of usage outside the above noted boundaries.

Each day the operator of the service vehicle should record his or her starting mileage and ending mileage. When a vehicle is approved for use outside the above boundaries, the operator should: (1) record the mileage at the start of the trip and upon return; (2) record the time the employee left and the time the employee returned; and (3) record the purpose of the trip.

An employee who fails to comply with the above procedures or who is found to have operated a service vehicle off campus for non-approved and/or non-university business shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

University service vehicles should never be used by an employee for personal business including, but not limited to, transportation to purchase meals, snacks or to off-campus break locations.