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Exit Survey

Clarion University of Pennsylvania
Exit Survey

When students like yourself choose to leave the University, it is important for the University to hear why you leave. Our aim is to learn from your experience so that we may better serve students in the future. All of the information you provide for this survey is submitted confidentially. Your name is not connected to it in any way.

What was your final class level at Clarion University?
Where did you take the majority of
your classes?
Gender:   Male  |  Female
Race/Ethnic Group:   

With whom did you discuss your problem(s) and/or reason(s) for leaving Clarion University?
(please select all that apply)

Academic Advisor
Department Chairperson
College Instructor
Resident Director
Resident Assistant
Relative/not Parent
An Alum/Former Student
No one at Clarion
If other, please describe your relationship to that individual (no names, please):
Please review the list of potential reason(s) for your departure from Clarion University.  Please review all the options and select all that you believe apply to you.  If you don't see your reasons for leaving Clarion University, please use the "Other Reasons" text box below to describe your reasons.


Health-related problems
Want a break from school
Marital status change
Uncertain value of education
Child care costly/unavailable
Family responsibility too great
Size of Clarion University
Emotional problems/stress
Racial/ethnic tension
Conflict with roommates
Want to live near home/loved ones


Encountered unexpected expenses
Did not receive financial aid
Insufficient financial aid
Tuition and fees too costly
Could not find part-time employment
Could not find summer employment
Want practical work experience
Accepted full-time job
Conflict between job and college
Current job does not require more college


Suspended/placed on probation
Courses were too difficult
Courses were not challenging
Too many required courses
Poor quality of instruction
Desired major not offered
Desired major poorly structured
Academic advising was inadequate
Dissatisfied with Clarion's reputation
Could not find housing
Unhappy with college rules/regulations
Dissatisfied with attitudes of faculty/staff
Inadequate handicapped facilities
Class scheduling problems
Could not meet program requirements

Other Reasons

Can't find your reasons for leaving Clarion University in the options provided above?  Please use the text box below to enter your reasons.  Please provide us with the most complete and accurate description of your reasons as possible.

Future Plans
Would you consider returning to Clarion University at a later date?

Yes | No | Not sure

Would you like someone to contact you?

Yes | No

If you selected yes, please provide you name and contact information after clicking the "Submit My Answers" button below. This will ensure confidentiality. Your name will not be connected to your exit survey answers. Please follow the directions on the following page. Thank you.