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Raising Financial Support

Procedure No. 43.010
Clarion University Policy with Regard to Raising Financial Support
Date Issued: 8/25/03
Date Effective: 7/28/03
Issued By: University Advancement

Clarion University Foundation, Inc. is a registered Charitable Organization in compliance with the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. By action of the Clarion University Council of Trustees, Clarion University Foundation, Inc. is designated as the sole agency which is authorized to solicit private contributions on behalf of Clarion University and its various programs. All fund raising efforts, drives, or campaigns by any college related agency shall require approval of and be under the direction of the Clarion University Foundation, Inc.

Purpose: To provide guidelines for an affiliated organization/department to seek support from areas external to Clarion University of PA or Clarion University Foundation, Inc., such as individuals, businesses, corporations, foundations and non-profit organizations. (Proposals for government grants, government contracts and government sponsored programs should follow procedures and policies of the Office of Faculty Research and Development within Academic Affairs.)

Policy: Approval for fundraising is required when an affiliated organization/department desires to seek support from areas external to Clarion University of PA or Clarion University Foundation, Inc. A Private Fundraising Request Form is required to be filled out and submitted for approval to the director of alumni and development prior to any solicitations.

EXCEPTIONS: Collection of money in return for advertising and/or sponsorships or collection of free merchandise, in accordance with the following descriptions, does not require approval of the director of alumni and development.

Advertising - is considered as fees collected in return for promotional spots on radio, television or ads in newspaper or in programs and flyers promoting products or services of an individual or organization.

Sponsorships - are considered as funds given in support of program, project, event or activity expenses and the sponsor or sponsors are acknowledged publicly for their financial sponsorship and public endorsement.

Free merchandise - products, services or coupons from businesses for which the donor would not be seeking official receipt for tax purposes or official acknowledgement in donor records of Clarion University Foundation, Inc. This type of request is not raising funds for the group or the organization or the university directly. Free merchandise is traditionally used to enhance attendance at an event or create competition or use as incentive to improve performance.

Procedures for Requesting Information:

1. Identify project and potential donors (individuals, businesses, corporation's foundations or non-profit organizations).
2. Obtain a Private Funding Request form from the Alumni & Development Office.
3. Complete and return the Private Funding Request form with all appropriate signatures to the Director of Alumni & Development for approval and signature.
4. Upon receiving approval from the Director of Alumni and Development, provide copies of all correspondence with potential donors to the Director of Alumni and Development.