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Pets in University Facilities


Procedure No. 10.070
Pets in University Facilities
Date Issued: 04/03/00
Date Effective: 04/03/00
Issued By: Human Resources

Purpose: To define the parameters under which employees are permitted to bring pets into university facilities.


Clarion University attempts to provide a friendly and welcoming environment to all employees and students. In order to provide that environment, it is necessary to assure that issues of health and safety are appropriately addressed.

While employees may at times bring pets into university facilities, it should not occur on a regular basis and should be done in a manner which assures that the health and safety of other individuals are not threatened. If an employee is advised by students, co-workers, or others in a facility that a pet causes health problems or safety concerns, the employee should refrain from bringing the pet into the work place.

In particular, employees should not bring pets into facilities when it may cause allergic reactions for other occupants/users of the facility or where it threatens another individual's sense of safety. Employees need to understand that other individuals may have a real fear of certain pets and, in such cases, a pet should not be brought into a university facility.

Under no circumstances should an employee house pets throughout a work day or consecutive work days in university facilities or take pets into the classroom area.