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Overtime Approval

Procedure No. 10.110

Overtime Approval

Date Issued: April 21, 2006

Date Effective: April 21, 2006

Issued By: Human Resources

Purpose: To define the requirements for all employees to obtain approval for and work overtime hours.

Policy: All employees must obtain approval from their immediate supervisor, or an individual designated by their immediate supervisor, prior to working overtime hours whether the hours are to be taken as paid or compensatory overtime.

Whenever possible the approval should be provided in writing (email is acceptable).

Employees may report to the workplace prior to their normal starting time and/or may remain in the workplace beyond their normal quitting time for personal reasons if approval of their supervisor is granted to do so. Employees may not perform work related activities when reporting early or staying late for personal reasons.

The University may suspend or deny an employee's right to be in the workplace for personal reasons should the employee perform work on an overtime basis without approval or should the employee's presence before or after normal working hours be disruptive to the workplace or dangerous to the employee or others.

Employees who work overtime without approval will be compensated for the hours as appropriate under the Fair Labor Standards Act or Collective Bargaining Agreement. Employees who work overtime without approval will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.