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Fire Alarm Policy-Residence Halls

Procedure No.  80.003
Date Issued: 03/27/95
Date Effective: 02/06/95
Issued By - Student Affairs

Purpose: To establish procedures for responding to a fire alarm in a campus residence hall.


Policy: In the event of a fire alarm in a campus residence hall, the building will be evacuated and secured until Public Safety can determine that it is safe for residents to return.



Instructions for residents: Evacuation procedures to be followed in the event of an alarm will be provided to residents through printed pamphlets, posting and hall meetings.
During an alarm, residents may go to an alternate facility until informed they may reenter their residence hall. Designated residence hall staff will accompany residents to the alternate facility. These alternate facilities are:

  • Wilkinson to Nair
  • Nair to Wilkinson
  • Ballentine to Becht
  • Becht to Ballentine
  • Ralston to Givan
  • Givan to Ralston
  • Campbell to Gemmell

Role of Hall Staff: When an alarm sounds, the residence hall staff will institute an evacuation of the facility. If an actual fire situation, hall staff will notify 911. Once the evacuation is completed and the facility secured, the hall staff will also evacuate the building. At the conclusion of an alarm situation, a designated residence hall staff member will complete a "Report of Fire Drill" form.

Role of Public Safety: Once Public Safety officers arrive on scene, they will check with hall staff to determine the nature of the alarm and the status of the evacuation. Public Safety will then identify the source of the alarm, initiate any needed corrective action, and reset the alarm system. Once Public Safety has determined the facility is safe, residents will be notified they can return to the building. in the event that a detector has been disabled, determination of safety may require that designated residence hall staff monitor the area until the entire system has been reactivated.

Role of Fire Department: In the event the fire department is called to the scene, it is understood that University personnel will function under the direction of the fire department.