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Emeritus Status

Procedure No.  60.020
Date Issued: 4/25/94
Date Effective: 4/25/94
Issued By: President's Office

Purpose: To give recognition to retired faculty and administrators for their service to Clarion University of Pennsylvania.


Emeritus status shall be granted to any faculty member or administrator of Academic or Professional Units who has:

    1. Retired from Clarion University;

    2. Served a minimum of ten years of full-time service at Clarion University;

    3. Established record of distinguished performance in teaching and/or other forms of professional achievement;

    4. Been nominated by member(s) of his/her department/unit.

(For persons who do not fall within the departmental structure, the nomination shall be initiated by the individual's immediate supervisor.)

The President may grant (or deny) Emeritus Status on an exception basis.


All persons designated as having Emeritus Status shall be accorded the following privileges:


  1. An identification card denoting Emeritus Status.

  2. Listing in the university catalog and other appropriate directories.

  3. Consideration for requests of office space, use of facilities and computer time for pursuit of scholarship and research interests (as appropriate and available) and as approved by the Dean or appropriate Vice President.

  4. Receipt of select campus publications upon request.

  5. Use of recreation and athletic facilities as available.

  6. Inclusion in select ceremonies and events.

  7. Membership in the Clarion University Alumni Association.


Nominations for Emeritus Status should be initiated by member(s) of the appropriate department/unit and announced at a department/unit meeting, normally within one year following retirement. The nominating member(s) of the department/unit shall forward a one-page summary of the significant accomplishments made by the nominee to the Dean or appropriate Vice President. The Office of the President will be responsible for the implementation of this policy and its procedures.