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Venango Admissions and Financial Aid

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Students' SAT or ACT test score (for students out of school less than three years), high school grade-point average, or GED score, high school rank and recommendations are all factors for admission to Venango College of Clarion University. For returning adult students who have been out of school more than three years, consideration is given to life and work experience. Venango College staff take a hands-on approach to help guide students through the admission process.

A few facts about Venango College:

  • Academic and student support programs are accredited by the nation's leading education authorities.

  • More than 900 students are enrolled in degree programs at Venango College and at off-campus locations.  Another 1200+ students are pursuing non-credit and certificate training through the Office of Continuing Education at Venango College.

  • Daytime and evening classes are available.

  • Instruction via video conferencing, Web-based classes, and Web-enhanced classes expand program reach and provide flexibility.

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