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Printing Your Class List

Faculty class lists can be accessed from the Web for Faculty feature in the iClarion Portal. Faculty can use the lists as a means to call roll, to track enrollment (adds, drops, and withdrawals), or create a grading spreadsheet from the class list. Please call the Registrar's Office at 814-393-2210 or email us at if you have further questions.

How to access your class list:

  • Select the term you want from the drop down list after you get in to the web for faculty section and then click the "Select" button.  You can change the term at any time by clicking the "Select Term" link from the menu.
  • Highlight "Faculty Services" on the blue navigation bar and select "Class List".
  • You will see a drop down list of all of your courses for the semester you selected. Select the course you want from that drop down list and click "Select".
  • Your class list will be displayed on the next screen.
  • On your browser's menu bar, click on the button that looks like a printer or says "print".  Your class list will print out without the email addresses.

How to get rid of extra text from the page that isn't your list:

  • Go in to your class list the same way as above.
  • When your class list is displayed, use your mouse to highlight all the information that you want printed. You will need to use the click and drag method with the mouse. We suggest that you include the term and course title so that reference information will be in the list.
  • Once the list is highlighted, go up to your browser's file menu and select the print option from that menu.
  • Selecting this option will bring up a new window. Select your printer in this window AND in the "print range" section click on "Selection" or "highlighted fields" (different browsers use different terms).
  • Then click print. This will print your list without the extra HTML.

How to download your class list into a spreadsheet:

Your class list cannot be downloaded directly into a spreadsheet, but can be copied and pasted into a spreadsheet.  The directions below use Internet Explorer as the browser and Excel.  Different browsers can change your outcome.

  • Use the same method described above to highlight your class information. In this case, we suggest that you include the class list only and not the term and course title. We also suggest you include the column headings.
  • Copy that information (CRTL + C or from the edit menu). Then go to Excel and paste the information into a new spreadsheet (CRTL + V or from the edit menu).
  • You will notice when you paste the class list, it is selected in Excel. You will need to do some clean up and leaving it selected makes this easier.
  • Adjust column "B" and column "I" to a width that will accommodate the longest name and email address respectively.
  • From the "Format" menu select "Cells". In the window that pops up, select Alignment. Set the Horizontal alignment to general and set the vertical alignment to top.
  • From the "Format" menu select "Row" then select "Height". Set the height to 18.
  • This is the last step in setting up your spreadsheet.   Name your spreadsheet or identify the course and term in some way so you can reference it later.