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Academic Suspension

Students on probation who fail to achieve either a 2.00 semester or 2.00 cumulative average will be suspended. Students who are placed on probation or suspension will be notified by mail at the end of a Fall or Spring Semester. A copy will be sent to the student's parent or guardian if the student is a dependent.

Students notified of academic suspension have the following alternatives:

If this is your first suspension:
1. You may appeal the suspension by submitting a typed letter of appeal to the Academic Standards Committee. Each appeal is considered carefully and individually on its own merits.
2. You may attend summer school at Clarion. Summer session course information is available on the web at: Consult with your academic advisor or your Dean's office to ensure that you are enrolling in appropriate courses. If you enroll in sufficient courses and earn the required cumulative average by the end of the summer, you will be readmitted and will be permitted to return for the Fall Semester. The most direct way to improve your cumulative quality point average is to repeat courses at Clarion for which grades of E or D were originally earned. However, before repeating courses, please be aware that students receiving financial aid must earn a minimum of 21 new credits to renew federal financial aid and 24 new credits to renew state financial aid (contact the Office of Financial Aid, 104 Egbert, 814-393-2315 for more information).
3. You may enroll in summer classes at another college. Consult with your Dean's Office to obtain approval for courses taken at other institutions. Grades from courses taken at other institutions do not transfer to Clarion and they are not included in your quality point average. Courses in which grades were previously earned at Clarion may not be repeated at another institution. If prior approval has been received from the Dean's Office, credits from courses taken at other institutions may be transferred to Clarion.
4. You may accept the suspension, in which case you will be eligible for readmission to Clarion after an absence of one term.

If you have been suspended more than once
1. You must file a typed academic appeal with the Academic Standards Committee. Each appeal is considered carefully and individually on its own merits.
2. You may attend summer school at Clarion or enroll in classes at another college as outlined in options 2 and 3 above. You must also file an appeal letter to the Academic Standards Committee. Each appeal is considered individually on its own merits.
Suspended students are permitted to take six credits at another accredited institution after consulting with their dean. Clarion permits transfer of these credits provided the credits are applicable to the student's program and a grade of "C" or better is earned. Clarion accepts credits from accredited institutions, but grades and quality points do not transfer.

Readmission after Academic Suspension
Students appealing an academic suspension or applying for readmission after an academic suspension must apply in writing to the Office of the Registrar.  Students readmitted following academic suspension are on probationary status for at least the semester of their readmission regardless of their academic performance during any interim summer periods.

Use the following guidelines when writing the petition. If possible, include independent documentation and/or references in the petition. A statement indicating why the academic performance was so poor. A statement indicating how the student expects to improve his or her academic performance and how he or she intends to correct the problem as stated. If possible, a statement concerning the projected course of study, if a change of majors is planned. Students returning to school after a suspension should indicate what they have been doing since last attending Clarion. Any other statements and supporting evidence thought helpful to the committee.