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Bachelor of Science in Liberal Studies


Liberal Studies is a multidisciplinary degree program administered by the office of the deans in the colleges across Clarion and Venango campuses. At Venango College, students can complete a Bachelor's in Liberal Studies in Athletic Training, Sports Management, and Athletic Coaching.

The B.S. in liberal studies is a major program designed to provide:

(1) a structured program that encourages students to explore a diversity of academic skills and disciplines,

(2) a liberal arts program for students who have not decided upon a specific school or major, and

(3) an option for students who have a desire to specialize in a combination of courses for which a dedicated major does not already exist.

It is not necessary for students who enter the university undecided about a major to continue in liberal studies through graduation. Many students who begin in the liberal studies program develop interests that lead them to declare a specific major. Conversely, some students who have completed the core of a degree program opt for liberal studies when their career goals change.

In order for students to pursue a dual degree or dual major with liberal studies as a baccalaureate student they must pursue a specific liberal studies concentration that does not duplicate their other degree or major. In the case of a post-baccalaureate student pursuing a liberal studies degree, he or she also must also pursue a specific liberal studies concentration that does not in essence duplicate their existing degree.


General Requirements
Admission requirements for the B.S. in liberal studies are the same as those for admission to the university. The degree is based upon the standard eight-semester sequence of courses and requires a minimum of 120 semester hours for graduation.

Academic standards for good standing in the program are the same as the university standards for good standing. To earn the B.S. in liberal studies, the student must complete 48 credits and have a minimum cumulative quality-point average of 2.00 for all course work.


Specific Requirements
Forty-eight credits are general education classes as required by the university constituting courses in specific categories within arts and sciences. In addition to general education classes, liberal studies students complete 24 credits of lower-level (100-200) and 24 credits of upper-level (300 and above) Arts and Sciences courses. An additional 24 credits of elective coursework may be selected from any discipline. Maximum course work in a single discipline is limited to 39 credit hours. All courses must be selected in consultation with an advisor.


Required: ATSW 370, ATSW 380, ATSW/MGMT 430, ATSW 440, MGMT 320, COOP 447, and choose either ECON 175, 211 or 212. A minimum of 39 credits on the right side of the check sheet must be at or above the 300 level. Students enrolled in this concentration are not eligible to receive the Sport Management Minor.


Required: ATSW 406, ATSW 407, ATSW 408, ATSW 409, (choose two of the following ATSW 350, 351, 352, or 354), ATSW 333, ATSW 334, ATSW 440, COOP 444. A minimum of 39 credits must be at or above the 300 level. Students enrolled in this concentration are not eligible to receive the Minor or Verification in Athletic Coaching.


Required: ATSW 150, ATSW 300, ATE 204, ATE 225, ATE 265, ATE 305, ATE 315, ATE 330, ATE 400, ATE 405, ATE 425, ATE 440, ATE 460, COLB (FIT) 400, COLB (HSC) 275, COLB (HSC) 290, COLB (HSC) 325, BIOL 251/261, BIOL 252/262, PSY 211, HPE 111, HPE 186, SOC 211, CMST 113, ENG 111 (or 130, 200, 307), CIS 110 or 217.