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School of Information Sciences


In today’s world, the latest information is always at our fingertips – and that information is always changing. The School of Information Sciences teaches us to keep up with the changes of an ever-growing field.

The department field of Computer Information Science (CIS) stands at the center of change by designing, creating, and maintaining the technology and the systems that are central to the way the world works. Whether it is e-commerce, information retrieval via the World Wide Web, financial transactions at a local bank, or rockets blasting into space, computer scientists and information specialists are responsible for the hardware and software systems used for these endeavors. And although the changes in the world seem chaotic, the computer scientist and information specialist proceed methodically using the tools of industry, logic and mathematics and an evolving engineering discipline to shape this new world being built.

Clarion's Department of Computer Information Science is comprised of faculty who have many years of real-world experience and many years of classroom experience with students. You will develop software for a variety of computing platforms including mainframe and personal computers and the networks linking them together. Software experience includes C#, Java and others. At Clarion, you will get the full attention of the faculty who are in the classroom and in the labs helping the students learn. There is a dramatic need for people to come join the ranks of the professionals who are quietly changing the world.

The Library Science Department is committed to the role of information in society and intellectual freedom. The department also serves to educate you on the appropriate use of technology in library services.

The department seeks to prepare you to enter, grow within and contribute to librarianship or a related field in the growing global digital information environment. We offer a variety of programs and locations for both undergraduate and graduate library science education.

The faculty, who works alongside you in the program, is strongly committed to traditional library science education. Through their diverse professional backgrounds and research expertise, they can prepare you for a range of emerging careers in librarianship.