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Dr. Linda Lillard, associate professor of library science at Clarion University, held an invited Skype presentation for librarians June 4 at Nazarbayev University Library, Astana, Kazakhstan.

Her presentation was on embedded librarianship, the focus of Lillard’s research. Embedded librarians have a presence in an online course and can provide point-of-need library services for students at a distance from campus. The librarians at Nazarbayev University are interested in provided embedded librarians for their students and faculty and sought out Lillard for her expertise and insight in the field.

Lillard has been working with embedded librarianship for 15 years, and the students in her Virtual Services class at Clarion had the opportunity to be embedded in classes at Central Michigan University last spring.

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6/9/2014 9:37 AM

Lillard provides embedded librarianship expertise to Kazakhstan librarians