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Dr. Vincent Spina, Retired Professor


Dr. Vincent Spina
M.A. and Ph.D., New York University

Contact Information:
Office: 207A Davis Hall
    (Dr. Spina is retired, therefore it is best to contact him via e-mail)

Areas of Specialization:
Latin American and Brazilian literature

Other Areas of Interest:
I have spent many years studying Andean culture and cosmology.  I see the relationship the Andean people established, through their many civilizations such as the Inca, between humankind and nature as a foundation for our own understanding of the universe.  For them humankind was a part of nature and not apart from nature.  The Earth is our responsibility.

I have also developed a strong interest in Central America, particularly in the women writers who have emerged from such countries as Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

1.    El modo épico en José Maria Arguedas, Pliegos, Madrid, 1982.
2.    Outer Borough, Pecan Grove Press, San Antonio, 2008

I have published numerous poems in small magazines, as well as articles and book chapters on Hispanic authors.

My Philosophy of Language Acquisition:
Claude Lévi-Strauss once wrote that if we could speak all the world's languages, we could know all the world's truths.  I believe this may be the case, for each language presents the world's reality in a different way.  In Chinese all nouns are collective, so a person is expressed as "a part of humanity."  In Spanish I don't "leave my keys at home," rather "the keys get left at home and it happens to me."  We can never learn all the world's languages, but the more we do learn, the more comprehensible the world becomes.  This is important to me so that I may know what motivates a South American political figure, what are the ideals of a Buddhist monk, or an Islamic revolutionary.

Other Interests:
Ecology, movies, reptiles (especially turtles), the ocean, rivers, haunted houses, the list goes on and on.

Favorite Websites:
None really, but I like all the information there is at my fingertips.