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What to Expect at the Career Fair and Interview Day

The following information will help you prepare for this career event. If you have any questions after reviewing the information, please contact the Career Development Center at 814-393-2323.

General Information

  • Career Fair Dress:  Make your first impression, a postive one!  Wear "business casual" attire.  No jeans, shorts, t-shirts, or sweats! 

  • Campus Recruiting Interviews: Suits

  • Food:  Carlson Library, Gemmell Student Complex and Eagle Commons serve food.  A food court and coffee shop are located on the lower level of  Gemmell. Starbucks is located on the lower lever level of Eagle Commons, and a dining hall is located on the upper level.

  • Parking:  If you do not have a campus parking permit, you must visit the Public Safety Department on Thorne Street to obtain a parking pass and park on campus between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.  Parking permits are not needed after 4 p.m.  However, you must still park in a valid parking space.  For details,  visit the Public Safety Department parking information.

  • Reflections:  Complete and return a reflection form at the event to qualify for door prizes!  Candidates participating in interviews will be asked to complete an evaluation form after their final interview.

  • Directions: 

    Directions to Clarion -

    Campus Map -

At the Career Fair

  • Circulate among the employer tables and speak with recruiters representing the organizations in which you are interested.

  • Because the fair is very busy, it is strongly recommended that children not be brought to the event.  Strollers are not permitted in the employer area.  Guests must remain in the lobby.

Prior to the Events

  • Develop your job search skills.  If you're looking for an internship or full-time employment, you need to develop your job search skills.  The Career Development Center offers online resources on resume writing, interviewing, dressing professionally, and preparing for job fairs.  In addition, our staff offers individual assistance and would be happy to meet with you to review your resume, practice an interview, or discuss any job search concerns. Contact our office to schedule an appointment with one of our staff members by calling 814-393-2323.

  • Learn about the employers that are recruiting on campus.  Learn about each organization and the career opportunities offered.  Each employer registered for this event has provided a website link to their company profiles and career opportunities.  Study the profiles and decide which employers/agencies you have an interest in.  Note:  The list is subject to change as additional organizations register.  Check back for the most current list of registered employers.

Campus Interviews (information for students/alumni who want to schedule interviews)

  • If you have been selected for an interview with an organization:  We strongly advise that you attend and introduce yourself to the recruiter at the Career Fair.

  • If you did not pre-schedule an interview with an organization, but decide that you would like to interview:  You can request an interview appointment at the Career Fair.  If a recruiter's schedule is not filled and he/she wants to interview you, he/she must provide you with an on-site interview pass.  Return the interview pass to the Check-In Table so we can add you to the recruiter's schedule.  If you have not already done so, you must also set up an online account at  Laptops will be available.

  • If a recruiter's schedule is filled and you can't obtain an interview appointment, ask the recruiter for application materials or a business card and provide him/her with your resumé.

  • Individual interviews are held at the career fair location or in room 114, Egbert Hall depending on the event.

  • Professional interview attire is required.  Candidates are strongly advised to wear suits.

  • Arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled interview.

  • Stop by the Candidate Check-In Table to let the Career Development staff know you have arrived.

  • Pick up your name tag and wear it on your right lapel throughout the day.

  • A staff member will announce when you are permitted to enter the employer interviewing area.

  • Only students/alumni with prescheduled interviews for jobs/internships will be allowed into the interview area.  Guests must remain in the lobby.

  • Pick up a business card or contact information from the recruiter before you leave your interview.

Campus Interviews - Don't Be a "No-Show"

It is imperative that you keep your scheduled interviews.  No-shows (students who do not show for their scheduled interviews) negatively affect a lot of people by their actions. For example:

  • No-shows exclude other deserving students from consideration for jobs. Remember that friend of yours who wanted to interview with a specific employer, but was told the schedule was full?

  • No-shows create an inconvenience for campus recruiters. While you're going about your business, the recruiter is waiting for you to appear.

  • No-shows represent an embarrassment to Clarion University and the Career Development Center.  We are left with the task of apologizing for your unprofessional behavior.

  • No-shows cost employers money.  A conservative estimate for a one half-hour interview is $55 to $60.

  • No-shows hurt themselves.  They make a less-than-positive impression on the employer by not showing up for an interview. There is no excuse for overlooking common courtesies.

After Your Individual Interviews

  • Send thank-you notes to employers with whom you interviewed.

  • Follow the application procedures specified by the recruiter or included in the application materials.

  • Let the Career Development Center staff know when you get a job or an internship!


The Career Development Center staff will be at the event. If you have any questions or concerns on the day of the event, don't hesitate to locate us.