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Art; Bachelor of Arts Degree Program Outcomes

Upon graduation with an B.A. Art, you will be able to:

  1. Student will understand and effectively use principles of design (balance, rhythm, unity) and visual elements (line, color, etc.) in artworks that also show development and creation of personal forms of expression and unique visual language.

  2. Student will display an understanding and skillful use of artistic mediums and techniques, and will also display an individualized use of the skills they have developed.

  3. Student will display an understanding of the conceptual basis of their artwork, as well as its relevance and relationship to art historical precedents and contemporary practices.

  4. Students will display professionalism in presentation and quality of both written and creative work, including use of supporting materials, bibliographies where applicable, and display critical thinking skills.

  5. Students will display a record of solid production, the creation of a complete, unique and individual body of work, which will then be professionally displayed In a BFA or BA Graduating exhibition or a professional portfolio review and critiqued and evaluated by the entire art faculty. This body of work will be utilized by students in their post-graduate art careers.


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