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MBA Course Information


I.   Course Requirements for the M.B.A. Degree

A.  Foundation Course Requirements:
M.B.A. foundation course requirements are designed to meet all of the "Undergraduate Knowledge and Skill Areas" required for the degree and a portion of the "Undergraduate and Master's Level Knowledge and Skill Areas" requirements.  M.B.A. foundation courses are not subject to residency requirements and are considered to be prerequisite or co-requisite to the M.B.A. core. 

M.B.A. foundation coursework may be completed at Clarion or other approved institutions at either the undergraduate or the graduate level. Undergraduate students who choose to complete their foundations at Clarion may apply for the pre-MBA Certificate.Graduate courses taken at another institution to meet foundation course requirements may be used in transfer to meet M.B.A. foundation requirements but not M.B.A. core or M.B.A. elective course requirements. 

At Clarion, courses that meet the foundation requirements are offered at the undergraduate level.  Some of these foundation courses may have prerequisite courses.  They may also be satisfied by the Advanced Placement-Credit By Exam option (refer to Undergraduate Catalog). The following are the foundation areas and courses at Clarion that meet foundation requirements for the M.B.A. degree:


Knowledge and Skill Area

Clarion Course


ECON 212, 215*, or 500


ECON 211, or 215* or 500

Financial Accounting  

ACTG 251 or 500

Economic and Business Statistics

ECON 221 & 222, 230*, BSAD 501

Management Theory and Practice

MGMT 320 or 500

Principles of Marketing

MKTG 360 or 500

Financial Management

*Combined Honors Courses

FIN 370 or 500


B.  M.B.A. Core Courses
M.B.A. core courses are designed to complete the "Undergraduate and Master's Level Knowledge and Skill Areas" requirements for each student.  Since some of these areas of knowledge and skill may have been covered in foundation course work for some students, not all students will have the same course requirements in the M.B.A. core.  Each student's transcript of prior coursework will be evaluated upon admission to determine exactly which skill areas will be required for that student.  The M.B.A. core courses are divided into three subcategories.  Category A courses are taken at the beginning of the program and provide essential tools for other courses in the core.  Category B courses are the application fields of Business Administration.  Students may be exempted from courses in Category B based upon undergraduate major and courses taken at the UG level.  The criterion for exemption is that students possess the knowledge to be gained in the course demonstrated by the completion of 15 or more credits in the field.  Exemption from a course in the core does not change the total credits required for the M.B.A. degree.  Category C is the required capstone/integration class.  Students are expected to take this course in the final semester of study.



Knowledge and Skill Area

Course ID



Leadership, Organization & Assessment1

MGMT 521



Quantitative Methods and Statistics

BSAD 503



Managerial Accounting 

ACTG 552 


Legal / Ethical Environment of Business

BSAD 540



Managerial Economic Analysis

ECON 510



Financial Management   

FIN 570



Marketing Concepts and Strategy

MKTG 560



Operations and Information Management

MGMT 626 



Global Environment of Business  

BSAD 661 



Strategic Management / Integration2

BSAD 690



 1 The introduction to the required student portfolio at the beginning of the program is included in this course
 2 To be taken during the final semester of study.


Students may petition to substitute another graduate-level course for a core course. Students who have majored in the discipline covered by the M.B.A. core course may be required to substitute another graduate-level course. The criteria are that: (a) the student has taken at least 15 credits in that field and (b) the student possesses the knowledge to be gained in the core course. Course substitution requires the recommendation of the M.B.A. director in counsel with the department chair in question. Evidence such as competency testing may be required, especially for the use of non-business courses.

C.  M.B.A. Elective Courses
In addition to the M.B.A. Foundation and M.B.A. Core courses, all students will complete the balance of 33 credits of graduate course work from the following courses, subject to the offering of those courses.  Graduate-level courses, other than those listed, may be used as elective credit toward the M.B.A. degree only with prior approval of the M.B.A. program director and the dean of the college.

  • ACTG 451, 452, 453, 454, 455, 461, 463, 490, 499, 554, 650, 652, 653

  • CIS 402, 403, 462

  • BSAD 637, 699

  • ECON 410, 423, 470, 490, 570, 600, 611, 612, 699

  • FIN 471, 476, 480, 671, 676

  • MGMT 420, 423, 427, 428, 470, 483, 485, 486, 621, 622, 625, 650

  • MKTG 461, 465, 468, 469, 491, 562, 604, 661

A maximum of three hours of approved 400-level courses, taken for graduate credit, may be used as elective credits. Please note that a 400-level course previously taken for undergraduate credit may not be repeated for graduate credit. A maximum of nine graduate credit hours toward the 33 required for the M.B.A. degree may be transferred from accredited graduate programs with the approval of the M.B.A. program director and the department chairperson of the course for which transfer credit is sought.

II. Additional Requirements for the M.B.A. Degree 

A.  Assessment Portfolio Requirement
In addition to the required coursework, each student must successfully complete the assessment portfolio requirement. Students must submit to the M.B.A. director, at the beginning of the final semester of study, a portfolio of work completed for the various courses taken as M.B.A. core and M.B.A. elective courses.  

Download: M.B.A. Learning Goals & Rubrics


B.  Performance Requirements
Students who earn more than six hours of graduate credit at Clarion with a grade of "C" or earn any credits with grades below "C" and/or fall below a 3.00/4.00 graduate overall quality-point average (QPA) are automatically placed on probation. Students whose QPA in the foundation courses falls below a 3.00/4.00 are also placed on probation. Students placed on probation must achieve satisfactory academic standing within one semester of registration or be removed from the program.  Any credits earned with grades below "C" cannot be used to meet M.B.A. degree requirements or M.B.A. concentration requirements.

All prerequisite courses for a given course must be met before taking that course. MGMT 521 and BSAD 503 must be taken before completing 12 hours of graduate course work, and BSAD 690 must be taken during the last semester of graduate course work. BSAD 503 is a prerequisite for MGMT 626. The maximum time for completion of the degree program is six calendar years from the date of the first graduate enrollment.

Download: M.B.A. Portfolio Requirements & Checklist