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Part-time On-line MBA Curriculum


Part-time On-line M.B.A. Curriculum

Course curriculum requirements for the M.B.A. degree are in three components: foundation courses, M.B.A. core courses, and elective courses.  A total of 33 graduate credits in the M.B.A. core and M.B.A. electives is required for completion of the degree.  Only M.B.A. core and elective courses are being delivered online at this time.

Foundation courses are considered to be prerequisite or co-requisite to the M.B.A. core and elective courses on an individual course basis rather than as a group.  This means that an admitted student is allowed to take a graduate core course for which they meet the specific foundation prerequisite even though they may have not completed all foundation courses.  Upon application, each student's transcript will be evaluated for completion of prerequisite foundation courses.  Applicants who have completed some or all of the foundation requirements in their undergraduate program would not be required to complete these same foundation courses as part of the Clarion M.B.A. program.  Applicants whose undergraduate degree program is a business field will likely have completed all or most prerequisite courses as part of their undergraduate program.  Applicants who are alumni of Clarion University's College of Business Administration will have taken all M.B.A. foundation courses as part of their undergraduate program.

  • Some M.B.A. foundation courses are offered online from Clarion each term but Clarion does not guarantee the availability of all foundation courses online in the same term.

  • Foundation courses are not subject to residency requirements which means that M.B.A. foundation coursework may be completed at Clarion University or other approved institutions at either the undergraduate or graduate level.  Any accepted student in the on-line M.B.A. who has not completed all foundation course work can do so at Clarion or any other accredited college or university.

  • Students can be admitted to the part-time M.B.A. without having completed all prerequisite foundation courses, but they will not be permitted to register for any particular on-line graduate course unless they meet the specific prerequisites for the course they would like to take.

  • Undergraduate courses that meet M.B.A. foundation course requirements include macro and microeconomics, financial accounting, business statistics, management theory and practice, managerial finance, and marketing management.  At Clarion University, these courses would be ECON 215, ECON 222, ACTG 251, MGMT 320, MKTG 360, and FIN 370.  Qualifying examinations for some of these foundation courses are available.  Students passing qualifying examinations for these courses will be issued "Credit by Examination" on the Clarion University transcript.  For more information on foundation course requirements, please click here or contact the M.B.A. director.



Knowledge and Skill Area

Course ID 


Marketing Concepts and Strategy 

MKTG 560


Managerial Accounting    

ACTG 552 


Financial Management   

FIN 570  


Operations and Information Management 

MGMT 626 


Legal / Ethical Environment of Business

BSAD 540


Quantitative Methods and Statistics   

BSAD 503


Leadership, Organization & Assessment

MGMT 521 


Global Environment of Business

BSAD 661


Managerial Economic Analysis 

ECON 510


Strategic Management / Integration

BSAD 690


* Not every course is offered online each semester.


Students enrolled in the part-time on-line M.B.A.
who choose to enroll for summer may select one of the following three options:

The program will generally offer one graduate level course each summer online.  This course may be an elective offering or a required core class.  Enrolled students may elect to take the course offered online in the same manner as courses offered during the Fall and Spring semesters for three credits.

Directed Project for Executives [BSAD 699: Business Problems (3 sch)].
Students propose a project to be completed at their place of employment during the summer.  This option will only be made available to students who have completed 15 or more graduate credits in the M.B.A. program.  For more information, please contact the M.B.A. director.

International Trip [BSAD 637: Multinational Business Seminar (3 sch)].
This international business seminar (IBS) trip is scheduled in late May of each year.  The trip is structured to include a mix of company visits, government briefings, and/or university lectures and seminars.  Tuition and fees for this three-credit seminar course do not include the cost of the trip itself.  The cost of the trip varies from $3,000 to $5,000 per student depending upon destination, itinerary, and air fares.  For more information, please contact the M.B.A. director.