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Bachelor of Science in French Education
Students majoring in French Education must complete a 33 credit Education Core (please refer to the French Education B.S. checksheet for a list of courses that constitute the Education Core), as well as 33 credits of French courses, as follows:


*FR 251 (French III) and OR FR 250 (Intensive Intermediate French)

*FR 252 (French IV)

*FR 265 (Intermediate French Conversation)

*FR 270 (Introduction to French Phonetics and Pronunciation)

*FR 281 (Advanced French Grammar and Composition I)

*FR 282 (Advanced French Grammar and Composition II)

*FR 301 (French Civilization)

*FR 341 (French Literature Survey I)

*FR 342 (French Literature Survey II)

*Two additional French courses (6 credits) above FR 252

In addition, French education majors must take 6 credits of supplementary courses, as follows:

*ANTH 211 (Anthropology)
*ENG 457 (Introduction to Linguistics) OR ENG 262 (Introduction to the English Language)

All French education majors should remain in close contact with their advisors, both in the Education and Modern Languages and Cultures departments, so that both your required French and education courses are taken on a timely basis. For example, the three-week "block" experience, which takes place in a school environment, should be scheduled on the semester that the French education major takes ED 338 (Methods of Teaching Modern Language), which is offered once a year in the Fall Semester and is taught by a member of the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures. It is the student's responsibility to ensure that all required courses and field experiences are completed in a timely and satisfactory manner.