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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics


A degree in Mathematics adds up to success in a variety of careers. The mathematics discipline covers a very diverse spectrum of topics including:

  • Algebra

  • Analysis

  • Statistics

  • Applied Mathematics

Because of this, the bachelor’s of science degree program allows for a great deal of customization for students.  After completing the Calculus sequence (I, II and II), a few Computational Science courses, a Physics Lab, and an Introduction to Advanced Mathematics Course, our majors can choose from a large selection of interesting and varied classes to complete their degree.  More information can be found here.

Expected Outcomes

A Mathematics major can lead to a wide variety of interesting and challenging careers.  Past graduates are employed as statisticians, actuaries, analysts, and engineers for major companies.  Others work in the fields of finance, computers, or even cryptography.  Many choose to continue their education and have been very successful in graduate school.  More information can be found here.


Our mathematics majors are very active in and around the university.  They

  • are involved in the Mathematics Club, which hosts game nights and invited speakers. 

  • have the opportunity to work one-on-one with professors on in-depth research projects.

  • often become paid tutors for mathematics classes.

  • can join honorary societies like Pi Mu Epsilon

  • travel to conferences to meet other mathematics majors and watch or give presentations

  • compete in individual and team mathematics competitions


Mathematics majors can also apply to receive one of our many dedicated scholarships. More information can be found here.