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Narrating Your Presentation

PowerPoint Narration

Narrating PowerPoint is quite easy. If you are using a Macintosh you may be able to use the built-in microphone for recording. Otherwise, you will need an external mic.

Obtain an external microphone

  • Internal microphones may be used but are not recommended since they may pick up ambient sounds or noise from the computer.
  • Headset or desktop?
    • Headset - any inexpensive headset will suffice
    • Desktop - any inexpensive microphone will suffice
    • You may need an audio adapter for the Macintosh to power the microphone
  • Borrow a microphone from the LTC (104 Egbert). Contact Darla Ausel to schedule an appointment or stop by.

Record narration in PowerPoint

Once you have all the slides created with images, from the Menu bar select Slide Show>Record Narration. The slide presentation will automatically start with the first slide. Record the information for each slide. When you are finished recording, the audio will be attached to each individual slide.

Make any necessary changes to the audio and save.