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Creating your Script

Creating Your Script

When you create your script, the first task is to ask yourself what you want the students to know. You might create a welcome message that tells the students a little bit about yourself and what the course will be about. Use a friendly and conversational tone in your message. Try to keep the welcome message fairly short since media files can become quite large. Check out the download time calculator for a 2 MB file. If you save the same file as an MP3 file, it will only be 196K. For more information, review the step by step instructions.

  • Example

This example (Bb101_welcome) was created in Audacity and exported as a wav file (2 MB). To make the file smaller, you can convert it to an MP3 file (196K). More information on how to do this is found by going to the "Performing" link.

When you upload the file into Blackboard, also provide a text-based version to meet ADA requirements for those students who use screen readers.

"Hi. I'm your instructor for Blackboard 101. I hope that this course site will help you to learn about the many ways you can use Blackboard to support student learning. Feel free to take a look at each of the menu items and then return to the course documents area to explore the tutorial that covers many of Blackboard's features. I'll be happy to answer any questions you have. Enjoy the course!"

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