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Bachelor of Science in Nursing



Bachelor of Science in Nursing (on-line)

Clarion’s on-line Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RNB.S.N.) Program builds upon the background and knowledge attained in an A.S.N. or diploma program and requires an additional four semesters of education. Applicants for the RN-B.S.N. program may be admitted for either Spring or Fall semesters. Although the program is designed as a two-year curriculum for full-time students, individuals have the option of taking courses part-time after admission. Students who take courses on a part-time basis are expected to complete the program within five years.

The RN-B.S.N. Program’s primary goal is to provide educational experiences designed to promote scientific inquiry, creative thinking, critical judgment, and personal and professional development. The program affords students the opportunity to expand their nursing knowledge at a
professional level. This program prepares graduates for professional advancement in the health care system and provides a basis for graduate study.


Bachelor of Science in Nursing Program—Online
Admission Requirements

Admission into the B.S.N. completion program online (RN-BSN) is consistent with the Pennsylvania Articulation Model developed by the Pennsylvania Higher Education Nursing Schools Association Inc. (PHENSA). Nursing students can fulfill requirements of the lower division (freshman and sophomore years) by means of the following:

  1. Transferring or validating knowledge equivalent to 30 nursing credits from an associate degree or diploma program (see 4 below).

  2. Transferring the required general education credits from any accredited college or successfully completing the approved challenge exams. The accepted scores for credit will be determined by university policy.


Admission Policies for Entrance

  1. Graduate from either an associate degree or diploma program in nursing.

  2. Hold current licensure as an RN.

  3. Show evidence of scholarship as demonstrated by 2.5 QPA (on a 4.0 system), or a comparable equivalent of a C-plus in previous educational program.

  4. Successfully complete the pre-entry lower-division requirements as mentioned above.


Individuals may be admitted to the RN-BSN completion program on a conditional basis while in the process of completing the above requirements. Admission into the B.S.N. completion program online (RN-BSN) is competitive. An applicant meeting all of the program admission requirements is not guaranteed admission into the program.


Articulation Policy

Registered nurses who have graduated within three years from an ACEN-accredited nursing program are eligible for direct articulation into Clarion’s B.S.N. completion program online (RN-BSN). Individuals who have graduated between three and 10 years prior to application must have 1,000 hours of nursing practice within the last three years for direct articulation. Special arrangements are made for individuals who have:

  1. graduated from a nursing program not accredited by the ACEN.

  2. practiced nursing less than 1,000 hours within three years of application.

  3. graduated from an ACEN-accredited nursing program more than 10 years ago.


Nursing (RN-B.S.N.) Outcomes

  1. Integrate scholarly inquiry, research, and theory into evidence-based nursing practice.

  2. Promote health and well-being for individuals, families, and communities including vulnerable and diverse populations.

  3. Apply leadership principles and skills in meeting the health care needs of others.

  4.  Integrate clinical thinking skills into professional nursing practice

  5. Demonstrate professional growth through participation in life-long learning, global citizenship, and service in the profession of nursing.

  6. Create strategies to communicate effectively with others in a variety of settings.


B.S. in Nursing Curriculum— Junior and Senior Years

First Semester Credits
NURS 340: Nursing in Transition, 3
NURS 343: Health Literacy in Nursing Practice, 3
NURS 345: Trends and Issues in Professional Nursing Practice, 3
Gen Ed, 3
Gen Ed, 3

Second Semester Credits
NURS 341: Culture and Care in Nursing, 3
NURS 342: Clinical Thinking Nursing, 3
NURS 355: Health Promotion in Nursing, 3
MATH 221: Statistics., 3

Third Semester Credits
NURS 445: Research in Nursing, 3
NURS 470: Promoting Healthy Communities, 3
Gen Ed, 3
Gen Ed, 3

Fourth Semester Credits
NURS 457: Leadership in Nursing, 3
NURS 494: Advanced Concepts of Professional Nursing, 3
Nursing Elective, 3
General Ed, 3

TOTAL CREDITS for Graduation 120