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Documenting Historical Information

Mapping Islamic Cairo Poster

This paper discusses the plans, procedures and methods used to create a historical geodatabase for Islamic Cairo in an effort to document and make available to the public more than a 1000 years worth of history in the form of monuments and places that spread all over the heart of the old streets of Cairo. Those monuments are a witness of a flourishing culture of art and architecture wonders that are worth every effort to conserve and to document (Y.Ayad)

Suitability Habitat Assessment

Prime Peregrine Falcon Nesting Habitat

As part of the Advanced GIS (ES/GEOG 490), Merrit Kramer, a graduate student conducted a study on the assessment of suitable habitat of Prime Peregrine Falcon Nesting sites in the Shenendoah National Park (VA). The goal of this project was to help the Natural Resource Division of Shenandoah best allocate their time and staff toward peregrine falcon monitoring by using GIS to identify the cliffs/peaks in the park where nesting falcons are most likely to be found nesting. (M. Kramer)