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How do you want to be different at the end of your time in college?

The undergraduate educational journey will help you develop your intellectual skills, expand your knowledge, and help you clarify your values. All undergraduate curricula, with the exception of the two-year Associate of Science curriculum in Nursing, the Associate of Arts, and Associate of Science degrees, lead to a bachelor’s degree and have a common core of 48 semester hours in general education. General education courses will complement the courses in your major to create an integrated educational experience.

Careful consultation with your advisor will help you to create a coherent plan of study. Each course, as well as your co-curricular and extra-curricular experiences, can purposefully build toward reaching your goals of who you want to be when you graduate. Welcome to the Clarion journey.

Undergraduate education at Clarion University begins with course offerings and expands to co-curricular activities, student living arrangements, special cultural events at the university and in the larger community, and opportunities for relevant work through participation in assistantships, internships, undergraduate research, and student and community organizations.

The university’s curriculum enables you to acquire skills, knowledge and values necessary to attain your life’s goals. We believe that you should graduate with a distinguished level of ability and with attitudes necessary to continue developing and refining those abilities. Thus, as a student of Clarion, we will provide learning opportunities for you, so that when you graduate, you will be able to:

  1. Reason effectively

  2. Communicate effectively

  3. Write effectively

  4. Use information effectively

  5. Use technology effectively

  6. Know a natural scientific method for understanding the world

  7. Effectively apply your knowledge of the natural sciences

  8. Know a social scientific method for understanding the world

  9. Effectively apply your knowledge of the social sciences

  10. Know an artistic/humanistic method for understanding the world

  11. Effectively apply your knowledge of the arts/humanities

  12. Understand the value of and be respectful of diversity

  13. Understand appropriate ethical and professional behavior

  14. Know and appreciate the importance of wellness

  15. Effectively apply your knowledge of wellness

  16. Work independently and interact effectively with others.