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Utility Failure

Utility Failure

If you discover a utility failure, contact Facility Services and be prepared to give:

  • Building name

  • Floor

  • Room number

  • Nature of problem

  • Person to contact and phone number

Electrical/Light Failure

If hallway lights are out, locate exit stairs or doors and evacuate the building while emergency lights are on. Do not enter the building or use laboratories until power has been  restored. Emergency lighting should be considered temporary and will not support building operations. If you are in a laboratory equipped with a fume hood and/or bio-safety cabinet, close all hoods and bio-safety cabinet sashes.

Plumbing/Floor/Water Leak

If you discover leaking water or know the source of a water leak, contact Facilities Services. Do not walk through standing water due to the potential for electrocution.

Natural Gas Leak

If you discover a natural gas leak, leave the area immediately and notify the Public Safety on your campus at Ext. 2111 or 911 (9-911 also works from on-campus phones).