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R.HouseRenae R. Applegate House

is an Assistant Professor of English and a wannabe R&B back-up singer. She resides in Grove City where she shares a rustic dwelling (a home she has lovingly deemed "The Ponderosa") with her two rambunctious kids, her poet husband, her quirky parents, and her Shih Tzu Issy. She enjoys coffee (and other highly caffeinated beverages), good books and good conversation. Though teaching and being a mom take up most of her time, she continues to dabble with prose and vows to someday publish a novel of her own. She is obsessed with Dystopian literature, film and television, and it wouldn't be uncommon to find her discussing the latest episode of "The Walking Dead" on a Monday morning. Dr. House directs and coordinates the Venango College Writing Center. She plans to tutor regularly in the Writing Center as part of the Center's on-going Peer Tutor Training.