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Fall 2013 Graduate Course Offerings

As you prepare to register for classes, please be advised that the department is offering the following regular, 16-week session courses for the Fall 2013 semester:
MMAJ 621: Mass Communication Research
MMAJ 430 G: PR Ethics
The graduate section of MMAJ 430 is not currently showing up on the registration list – be patient, it will!  If you for any reason you cannot get a seat when it becomes available in the system, please contact Amy Sabousky for assistance. 
You should register for all of your classes during the normal registration period, regardless of course start date. Please contact the Office of the Registrar if you have questions about deadlines and policies associated with the 8-week sessions.The department is also offering the following 8-week session courses:
MMAJ 525: Mass Communication Theory 8/26/13-10/15/13
MMAJ 551: Public Relations Foundations 8/26/13-10/15/13
MMAJ 559: Management of the Communication Process 10/21/13-12/11/13
MMAJ 642: Advanced Public Relations Writing 10/21/13-12/11/13
If you have questions or need assistance with the registration process, please contact Amy Sabousky at or 814-393-2284.