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Microsoft Word 2013 - "What's New"

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  1. Reading Mode
    • Designed for Tablet users, this mode allows users to flip through
      documents in a book-like layout, without the distraction of editing tools.

  2. Edit PDFs using Word
    • Open PDFs and edit the content in Word. Edit paragraphs, lists, and tables
      just like familiar Word documents. By far one of the most anticipated new
      features of Word 2013 is its ability to open and edit PDF.  No more copy
      and pasting and re-exporting!

  3. Simple Markup
    • No longer will you have review markups cluttering your view with the new
      simple markup view, which displays a small indicator symbol where changes
      have been made.

  4. Inline Comments
    • You can reply directly beneath a comment or mark it as done so that
      collaboration is a lot simpler.

  5. Expand and collapse
    • You can expand or collapse sections of your document so that your
      reader can choose whether to view them or not.

  6. Resume Reading
    • Reopen a document and keep reading right where you left off. Word
      remembers where you were—even when you reopen an online document
      from a different computer!

  7. Live Layout and Alignment Guides
    • As you resize and move objects around the document, the alignment
      guide pops up so that you can align your objects with your text accurately.
      You can also view a live preview of your changes as you edit your document.

  8. Define Feature
    • The Define feature allows you to select text and instantly access dictionaries,
      thesauruses and other helpful word apps so that you can have more control
      over your content and really give it polish.

  9. Online videos
    • Insert videos into your document and watch them without needing to navigate
      away from your page.